Sales and Marketing Expert Aleksandra Bulgach Helps Hotels Embrace Modern Techniques for Growth

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Aleksandra Bulgach is a sales and marketing expert who has been making waves in the hotel and hospitality industry, especially as a digital marketing specialist. Working in the landscape for over 15 years, Aleksandra now stands as one of the most sought-after professionals in the field.

Aleksandra has developed unrivaled marketing strategies for her clients, exceeding their expectations and delivering beyond promise. She has worked with leading hotel chains worldwide, such as Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, and Radisson Blu. She has also been instrumental in opening three hotels: Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, and Holiday Inn Express.

Besides hotels, Aleksandra has gained exposure and experience working with a wide breadth of projects, complex events, sports championships, and world congresses, including FIFA World Cup 2018, World Hockey Championship 2016, and over 100 worldwide events. The marketing expert has also collaborated with leading global companies and corporate champions, including Deloitte, DHL, BAT, Huawei, Chanel, LVMH, J&J, P&G, Volkswagen, Novartis, Schlumberger, and Home Credit. In addition, Aleksandra has also participated in major international tourism exhibitions, such as World Travel Market London, ITB Berlin, and Fitur Madrid.

Aleksandra took up digital marketing and business administration at UCLA. With the combination of strong working experience and headmost education, she created a new sales and marketing approach in the Hotel Industry.  Based on that, she authored her book entitled Hotel Marketing 2.0, where she outlines the most acceptable tactics and case studies that hoteliers can use to adapt their sales and marketing strategies to the new digital reality and generate greater revenue returns. The book will bring new ideas and tactics for hotel leaders and experts who want to leverage strong digital marketing strategies to stay on top of their game. It describes how you can take the best advantage of online sales funnels, CEO, social media, and online advertising, reducing the actual payroll costs and traditional promotion methods. Such an approach helps hotels be more competitive in the market, especially after the pandemic crisis they had experienced.

Aleksandra pushes new, modern skills and techniques to ensure that her clients reap the best of what can be produced by leveraging technology. While many sales and marketing hotel specialists are still using classic sales techniques, she has successfully helped long-standing names in the hospitality industry to adapt to the times and enter the new digital frontier while still upholding the same values that have got them through decades in the landscape. 

“My sales skills and experience can aid hotels in expanding, boosting performance, and enhancing sales results,” shared Aleksandra. “I am convinced that my background, expertise, and experience can be a valuable addition to any business that wishes to enhance the efficiency of its sales, staff productivity, raise outcomes, and grow profits in a cost-effective and efficient manner,” the expert added further.

“Using my expertise, I would be able to give new development options to the country’s hotel industry, enabling it to produce even better budget results and customer experiences. It is my goal to inspire new hospitality trends and make a good contribution to the country’s tourism economy by aiding hotels in attaining success,” Aleksandra said. “My long-term objective is to assist thousands of hotels throughout the globe in becoming more successful companies and marketers in the future,” she added further.

By reorganizing sales and marketing processes in the hotel and hospitality industry, Aleksandra is genuinely playing an active role in building more sustainable business practices that will genuinely impact companies across the globe. 

“It is not s secret that the last two years left a dramatic impact on the hotel industry. Some of the great properties were not even able to survive this. That’s the time to step up into the new reality and change the approach. The new digital marketing approach and establishing a great brand awareness will bring hotels to a new level of success.”

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