Amir Baluch: The man and the mind behind the exponential success of people and growth of businesses.

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The closer we look around ourselves, the more we notice how the consistent development of a few industries and sectors of the world cannot just be attributed to the many advancements the world noticed in the tech world but also to the relentless drive and passion of professionals like Amir Baluch, who made every day count, spared no effort and made sure to create innovation and uniqueness in their ventures and endeavours. Serial entrepreneur and fund manager Amir Baluch today has attained massively in his career, which spans 21 years because he has ensured to implement his ideas and strategies in business and through his astute sense in business and investing also has been helping others gain their desired success levels.

Today, Amir Baluch teaches doctors and professionals to create greater wealth and grow it by providing thought leadership, e-commerce franchise opportunities, digital marketing, consulting, and passive investment opportunities. He is a medical doctor and physician from Dallas, Texas, the US, who has now dived deep into the entrepreneurial world and risen to the top as a fund manager and serial entrepreneur. Amir Baluch is also the #1 bestselling author to his book Make It, Keep It: The New Rules of Wealth Preservation for Doctors. With his years of experience in the business world, he has excelled as an e-commerce consultant that helps in generating 6 figures of passive income for physicians in 18 months, digital marketer, who helps in getting doctors found online, real estate broker, and investor, while also being a fund manager for blockchain/crypto assets and biotech companies.

Today, he is one of the members and contributors at Forbes, got placed in D Magazine Top 10 Bachelor in Dallas, got ranked in Top 10 Physicians for Functional Medicine and Aesthetics three years consecutively by Top 10 MD. Running Global Ecommerce Consultants, a 200 plus employee company, Amir Baluch now manages several e-commerce stores with wholesale, private label, and drop shipping models.

There is so much that he has already done and so much more that he aims to do in the coming years to attain more exceptional success.

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